Uzor Arukwe has secured the lead role in the Nollywood zombie film ‘Alive Till Dawn’.

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Nigerian actor Uzor Arukwe has landed the lead role in the upcoming Nollywood zombie film, “Alive Till Dawn”. Arukwe, recently seen in the groundbreaking movie “A Tribe Called Judah”, returns to the set for a captivating project that marks a fresh concept in the Nigerian film industry. In a recent report from What Kept Me Up, the actor expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its departure from his previous work. “I’ve always sought out projects that offer a unique perspective from what I’ve done before. I’m thrilled about this one,” he remarked.

The film is helmed by Leo Obienyi, known for his role as executive producer and story writer for the 2022 short film “Road to Jabi”, which delved into the theme of zombies. This time, “Alive Till Dawn” will be a full-length feature written by Daisy Olowu and set in Abuja.

The movie’s synopsis sets the stage: “Amidst the chaos of a zombie virus outbreak, an unlikely coalition forms as civilians, police officers, and criminals become trapped inside a besieged police station. Throughout the night, they must navigate through hordes of undead, striving to escape the building and reach a rumored sanctuary, or risk becoming the very monsters they’re battling against.”

Details regarding additional cast members remain undisclosed as the project progresses through its pre-production phase.

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