Ayra Starr likened her university experience to that of secondary school.

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She opted not to reside on campus, relying on public transportation to commute to and from school for her classes. Ayra Starr pursued a three-year course in international relations.

Afrobeats sensation Ayra Starr shared her university experience in Benin Republic, likening it to secondary school. In a conversation with Billboard, she disclosed that she gained admission to university at the age of 14 and attended the same school as her two brothers.

“We didn’t live on campus because our father preferred us to stay at home. It felt like secondary school,” she recounted. “We would leave home, attend classes, and then our dad would pick us up on certain days. I used to think, ‘No, people will see you, I want to be cool,'” she humorously added.

Reflecting further, she discussed the dynamic between herself and her brothers at school, recalling how they would gossip about various occurrences on campus. “My brothers and I used to gossip about everything happening in school because we were surprised. There were adults in our university, so they lived life so differently from ours. Being there with my siblings was fun; sometimes we communicated with just our eyes. It was hilarious,” she remarked.

When asked about balancing life between Lagos and Benin Republic, she noted the stark differences between the two. “Nigeria and Benin Republic are vastly different, despite their proximity. Benin Republic is tranquil, especially by the beach; it’s slower-paced. But Lagos? Wow! As soon as you enter Lagos, everything is bustling. I was like, ‘What’s happening?’ It was such a contrast, as I used to study in Benin Republic and then come to Lagos for my holidays,” she elaborated.

Starr underscored that managing life in both countries has equipped her with the adaptability to navigate any situation.

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