The Energy Fair

The Energy Fair, powered by TLIG Global Media and the African Energy and Allied Industries (AEAI), aims to be a premier event focusing on the latest innovations, trends, and solutions in the solar and energy sectors. Scheduled to take place in Lagos, Asaba and Abuja, these events will bring together industry leaders, experts, entrepreneurs, and consumers to explore advancements in renewable energy and promote sustainable practices.


Promote Renewable Energy: Showcase the latest technologies and solutions in the solar and renewable energy sectors.

Industry Networking: Provide a platform for industry professionals to network, collaborate, and share knowledge.

Public Awareness: Educate the public and businesses on the benefits and opportunities of renewable energy.

Economic Growth: Stimulate local economy by fostering new business opportunities and investments in the energy sector.

Event Details

Date for Lagos 30th to 31st of Aug

Date for Delta:- 1st to 2nd of Aug

Date for Abuja:-  27th and 28th of September

Duration: 2 Days

Target Audience: Industry professionals, government officials, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, and the general public.

Highlights of the Fair

Exhibition Booths: Featuring the latest solar panels, batteries, inverters, and other renewable energy products.

Workshops and Seminars: Led by experts discussing the future of energy, sustainability, and green technologies.

Networking Events: Opportunities for attendees to connect and discuss potential collaborations.

Live Demonstrations: Showcasing cutting-edge solar and energy technologies in action.

Green Marketplace: A section dedicated to eco-friendly products and services.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Title Sponsor: Premium branding opportunities, keynote speaking slots, and extensive media coverage.

Gold Sponsors: Prominent visibility at the event, including booth space, logo placement, and speaking opportunities.

Silver Sponsors: Booth space, logo placement on marketing materials, and participation in panel discussions.

Exhibitors: Various packages available for businesses to showcase their products and services.

Impact and Benefits

Economic Impact: Boost local businesses, create job opportunities, and attract investment to the region.

Environmental Impact: Promote the adoption of renewable energy solutions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Social Impact: Increase public awareness and education on the importance of transitioning to renewable energy.

The Energy Fair presents a unique opportunity to position Nigeria as a leader in renewable energy innovation. With the support of TLIG Global Media and AEAI, this event will not only highlight the advancements in solar and renewable energy but also foster collaborations and investments that will drive the industry forward.

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