Renowned Nigerian hip-hop artist Illbliss unveils his latest album titled ‘Sideh Kai’.

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After 15 years since his debut album ‘Dat Ibo Boy’, the Nigerian rap icon returns with his 8th album, titled ‘Sideh Kai’, paying homage to hip-hop culture and offering a stimulating experience for the intellect.

The album serves as a gift for both the younger and older generations, comprising 16 tracks characterized by impactful production, profound wisdom, contemplative reflections, and the seasoned introspection of a hip-hop scholar who still has a message to convey.

‘Sideh Kai’ encapsulates the essence of a hip-hop enthusiast, a father figure, and a middle-aged rapper—or simply, a middle-aged Black man who isn’t solely defined by his musical career. This is the allure of ‘Sideh Kai’.

Tracks like ‘Daughters’ and ‘Maale’ hold immeasurable value as Illbliss expresses his affection for his daughters, wife, and appreciation for his mother. Illbliss finds contentment, knowing he has already achieved victory in the realm of hip-hop.

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