Social Media Critic Verydarkman Held in Police Custody for Cyberbullying Charges

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Martin Otse, known as Verydarkman on social media, has been detained by police pending his upcoming court appearance next Wednesday. This follows his arraignment at the Federal High Court in Abuja on charges related to cyberstalking involving the Nigerian police and actresses Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dike, to which he pleaded not guilty.

During the court session, Otse’s lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, requested bail, but the prosecution asked for more time to respond. Consequently, the bail hearing was rescheduled for May 29.

While the prosecution sought prison remand, Otse’s legal team successfully argued for police custody remand instead. The court granted this request, and Verydarkman was taken to the National Cybercrime Centre.

The charges against him include posting videos containing false and offensive information about Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dike, with the intent to cause harm or annoyance. These actions are alleged to have violated the Cybercrime Act.

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