Portable Appoints Himself Police Ambassador Following Recent Arrest

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Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, has taken on the role of a police ambassador just days after causing a commotion while attempting to escape arrest by law enforcement officers.

The musician made this announcement through a post on his Instagram page, sharing pictures of himself with his father and several senior officers at the Lagos police headquarters on Tuesday evening.

Portable regained his freedom the next day after being detained for allegedly defaulting on payments for a Mercedes Benz GLE purchased from a Lagos car dealer.

In a subsequent social media post, he detailed his version of events, claiming he had incurred additional expenses on the faulty vehicle.

Asserting his rapport with the police, Portable declared himself a police ambassador, echoing the common phrase, “Police is your friend.”

He wrote, “ZAzuu Federal Government liability. I am a Police Ambassador of the kingdom. I pursue music for a living… Stars don’t beg to shine. Grace that does not disgrace.”

The singer’s actions have garnered praise from followers, who admire his knack for turning challenges into opportunities. Some even regard him as an influencer with a profound understanding of the industry.

Following a brief stint in custody, Portable shared a teaser of his upcoming song “Spiderman,” referencing his evasion tactics during his recent arrest. The video footage captured him clad in a white and black striped shirt, scaling a gate alongside eight others before fleeing the scene.

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