Yemi Alade Criticizes Lagos Government on Twitter Regarding House Demolitions

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Nigerian musician Yemi Alade has taken to Twitter to criticize the Lagos State government over recent house demolitions in the Mende area of Maryland. Reports indicated that residents were given a mere two hours to vacate their homes before demolition commenced. In response, Alade utilized her Twitter platform on Monday, May 6, 2024, to voice her discontent with the leadership of Lagos State.

In her tweet, she wrote, “Thank you for giving me & millions of others a reason to NOT INVEST IN LAGOS REAL ESTATE @followlasg. Maybe when you are done turning the whole Lagos into a network of Roads with no residents then your MEGA city dreams will be complete. Please start refunding legal buyers at least.”

Alade expressed frustration and urged the government to improve its notification process before carrying out demolitions.

She emphasized, “Send notices to the residents directly! Put it in the news! Showing up like Santa Claus and issuing a 2-hour notice is traumatic for undeserving citizens. They are not the developers, and yet the developers have also failed the residents!”

“Why and how was the building APPROVED in the first place! @followlasg. Why and how was the building plan of Mende villa 1 approved in the first place! @followlasg. You have commissioned several building plans in conjunction with Legrande and gained the trust of many. Why dash it all with this one blow? 2-hour notice is trivial!” she added.

It’s worth noting that the commissioner of the ministry, Tokunbo Wahab, refuted claims that residents were given only two hours’ notice, asserting that they were adequately warned in advance.

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