“Cuppy Reflects on Lessons Learned: Advocating for Empowerment and the Power of Saying No.

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On International Women’s Day, the renowned DJ engaged in a meaningful conversation at a conference organized by the NGO, The Prince’s Trust, where she underscored the importance of women feeling empowered to say no.

During the discussion, Cuppy candidly shared personal experiences, emphasizing the valuable lesson of learning to decline opportunities and relationships that may not align with personal well-being. She revealed, “Let me be honest with you guys, one of the things I have learned is saying no. I had one of the worst years of my life last year because I did not say no.”

Drawing from her own journey, Cuppy encouraged the women present to adopt a measured approach to prevent burnout. “I didn’t say no to taking things on. I was on the BBC, then I was on the Morning Breakfast Show, then I was DJing, then I was planning a wedding. Then I was at Oxford University, and I burnt myself out. None of us are any good to ourselves or other people when we’re burnt out. So we have to deal with that guilt that comes with saying no. It’s okay to say no,” she expressed.

In December 2022, Cuppy made headlines with her engagement to British boxer Ryan Taylor, a union that stirred controversies on social media. Despite the speculation surrounding Taylor’s interactions with another woman, Cuppy remained resilient, asserting that she didn’t aspire to a “perfect love story” because it was “cliché.” By July 2023, the couple unfollowed each other on social media, leading Cuppy to confirm her newfound single status.

This insightful conversation serves as a testament to Cuppy’s commitment to empowering women through candid discussions about personal growth, resilience, and the importance of setting boundaries.

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