Toyin Lawani captivates onlookers with a gown ingeniously crafted from around 100 fried chickens, eliciting praise from her admirers who commend her artistic ingenuity.

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Toyin Lawani continues to display her flair for unconventional fashion with her latest creation: a dress adorned with pieces of fried chicken. Renowned for her innovative style, Lawani seamlessly integrated the edible elements with a gold fabric, resulting in a striking ensemble that captured attention. As the CEO of Tiannah’s Place Empire, Lawani’s creativity knows no bounds, as evidenced by her latest design featuring approximately 100 pieces of fried chicken intricately woven into the fabric. Enhanced with gold embellishments and a voluminous silhouette, the dress exudes opulence, with the chicken pieces accentuating the sleeves and hem. Lawani elevated the ensemble further with a crown crafted from chicken bones, infusing a regal touch into her look. Paired with gold shoes and accessorized with coordinating wristwatch, bangles, and silver earrings, Lawani’s outfit epitomized her distinctive style, earning praise from her devoted fans and followers.

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