Jim Iyke Asserts His Preference for Non-Emotional Friendships

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Nollywood icon Jim Iyke has emphasized his reluctance to associate with emotionally driven individuals, stating that he simply doesn’t have the time for it.

During a guest appearance on the King of Talks podcast hosted by Teju Babyface, the actor elaborated on his ideal friendship dynamics.

“I don’t hang around emotions, we don’t have time for it and that’s why I can’t be friends with everybody. I need someone who won’t be hung up on my last act. I’m too transitional for it. My propensity for growth is that alacrity that you can keep up with. Who I was yesterday is different from where I am today.” – Iyke expressed.

He elaborated on his need for friends who won’t hold grudges or cling to his past actions, emphasizing his constant evolution.

“I need someone that I won’t call for 10 weeks and he’s not in his feelings. There was a time when I didn’t call my friend for four weeks and he didn’t call me too, we didn’t have to. But when we call it’s value. I don’t want the type of friend that I will be in your life every day, it’s never going to work because I would never show up at your kid’s birthday, you would find me wanting at your anniversary.”

While acknowledging his intermittent availability, Iyke assured that he would always come through for his friends in times of need.

“When you have certain issues I may not be the one to reach but I tell you, when you call me and I sense that you need me I will move every mountain. So you decide the kind of friend you want” he concluded.

You can watch the complete interview below:

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