TapSwap Craze: The Reason Nigerians Are Flocking to Their Phones

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The recent surge in popularity of the Telegram TapSwap bot has triggered a nationwide frenzy among Nigerians, eager to capitalize on this emerging trend. Viral videos circulating online depict individuals of various ages compulsively tapping away on their mobile screens, showcasing the widespread allure of this phenomenon.

In one striking instance, a Keke driver was captured multitasking, tapping on his phone while navigating his vehicle and transporting passengers simultaneously. But what exactly is driving this tapping frenzy?

According to Chi Ofoegbu, a freelance Product Marketing Manager specializing in crypto projects and a passionate advocate for Web3, the tapping activity serves as a means of onboarding new users into the Web3 space. Drawing parallels with platforms like Piggyvest, where users earn rewards for referrals, Ofoegbu explains that tapping serves as a gateway for individuals to enter the world of decentralized technologies, blockchain, and token-based economies.

Stephen Ajiboye, a Web3 educator and Digital Marketer, likens the current enthusiasm for Web3 to the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, highlighting its potential for transformative impact. He elucidates that while the conventional internet, known as Web2, laid the groundwork, Web3, with its emphasis on blockchain technology, signifies the next evolutionary step.

The tapping phenomenon primarily revolves around inviting others to join these platforms, with rewards incentivizing participation. Ofoegbu elucidates that tapping serves as a cost-effective strategy for platforms to acquire new users and foster community engagement.

Recent success stories, such as the Notcoin airdrop campaign, have further fueled interest in tapping activities, as individuals seek to increase their crypto holdings. Notcoin’s meteoric rise, accumulating over 35 million users since its launch in January, underscores the widespread appeal of these simplified crypto apps.

Ajiboye attributes this surge in popularity to the accessibility of platforms like Telegram, which facilitate easy participation without the need for additional apps or complex processes. He underscores the role of social proof, with success stories from platforms like Notcoin driving late adopters to explore similar opportunities.

While the prospect of earning rewards through tapping is enticing, Ajiboye and Ofoegbu emphasize the importance of crypto education. Despite initial motivations centered on financial gains, they remain optimistic about the potential for increased awareness and understanding of cryptocurrency and Web3 technologies among Nigerians.

In essence, while tapping may offer a gateway to crypto wealth, its true value lies in catalyzing broader conversations about decentralized technologies and empowering individuals to explore new opportunities in the digital landscape.

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