Nigerian Students in the UK Face Expulsion Threat Amid Naira Crisis

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According to BBC reports, a contingent of Nigerian students in the United Kingdom is confronting expulsion from their university programs due to challenges in meeting tuition deadlines, exacerbated by the devaluation of the naira.

These students, enrolled at Teesside University, voiced their struggles, attributing their inability to pay tuition on time to the depreciation of the naira, which led to a breach of visa sponsorship requirements.

Consequently, several students found themselves barred from continuing their studies, reported to the Home Office, and instructed to leave the UK.

The university administration defended its actions, citing stringent external regulations as the impetus behind these measures.

Expressing their dismay and feeling unsupported, the affected students accused the university of lacking compassion and failing to provide adequate assistance.

A group of 60 students, who opted to disclose their identities to the BBC, united in urging the university to extend support, especially after witnessing severe repercussions faced by fellow peers who defaulted on payments.

These students recounted instances where they were suddenly locked out of university systems and forcibly withdrawn from their courses.

One student nearing completion of her studies, Adenike Ibrahim, shared her ordeal of having her visa revoked despite having paid 90% of her tuition fees. She expressed frustration at the university’s lack of willingness to negotiate.

Esther Obigwe, another affected student, disclosed her battles with depression amid the financial turmoil. Despite reaching out to the university for assistance, she faced silence until receiving notices of expulsion.

Jude Salubi, pursuing a degree in social work, found himself in a precarious situation with his studies abruptly halted despite being in the midst of a critical placement. He highlighted his efforts to settle outstanding fees but sought assurances for re-enrollment and visa restoration.

In response, a spokesman for Teesside University emphasized the institution’s commitment to compliance with visa regulations, acknowledging the financial struggles of some students. The university claimed to have offered tailored payment plans to those in need but asserted that external regulations dictated their actions beyond their control.

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