Angela Okorie Criticizes Zubby Michael for Public Display of Charity towards Junior Pope’s Family

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In response to a widely circulated video showing actor Zubby Michael presenting cash to the bereaved family of the late actor Junior Pope, Angela Okorie has voiced her disapproval.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Monday, May 20, 2024, the actress accused Michael of orchestrating the video to showcase his act of charity, suggesting that he could have chosen to discreetly support Junior Pope’s family.

She expressed, “Zubby, if you really wanted to give money to Junior Pope’s family you for give them quietly, the way I dey take dey give you that year codedly nobody go know. You carry camera plant make dem dey video you dey give bundle of money to JP family. We all know you with propaganda, just get out abeg.”

In another Story post, Okorie criticized Michael for what she deemed as an unnecessary flaunting of wealth, labeling him as “unsophisticated.”

Her post stated, “Zubby na young person die. The showcase of money wasn’t necessary, but as a local boy that you are, you know that you don’t have sense. You don’t know where to do show and where to behave well. Abi you get money pass all the dignitaries wey come there? Mugu.”

Other social media users echoed Okorie’s sentiments, arguing that Zubby Michael’s act of charity should have been carried out without public documentation.

One Instagram user remarked, “Y’all are so beclouded by the ‘Zuby the star’ that no one is looking into the message Angela is passing across… People are saying did he promise her marriage bla bla bla .. Our problem as people is that we get too myopic & look at things on the surface till it gets too bad & exposed people that’s when we come to realisation. For her to be going on and on about this, shows there is more that meets the eye that’s has happened within them…but no because it’s Zuby, everyone has taken that side…Smh.”

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