Toke Makinwa Recalls Academic Struggles and Mother’s Firm Guidance

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Media personality Toke Makinwa has consistently shared her journey from humble beginnings and academic challenges.

During the launch of her new perfume, Makinwa took a moment to express gratitude to her mother for her unwavering support and determination to see her succeed. She reminisced about an incident from her past when she altered her report card, changing her position from 52nd to 2nd in class.

Reflecting on the incident, she shared, “I recall a defining moment in my life. I often found myself at the bottom of my class. Once, out of a class of maybe 52 students, I ranked 52nd. Feeling a surge of misplaced confidence, I tampered with my report card, altering the ‘5’ to resemble a ‘2’. I eagerly anticipated impressing my parents, finally showing improvement after persistently lagging behind.”

Upon presenting the altered report card to her mother, the response was swift and stern. “My mother’s reaction was immediate. She didn’t hold back; she disciplined me severely. There was no mercy. Despite my discomfort, I can now look back and laugh,” Makinwa recalled.

She went on to express appreciation for her mother’s consistent encouragement and insistence on academic diligence. “There was a particular night when I felt deeply ashamed and discouraged. Yet, it was this same woman who consistently believed in me, urging, ‘Omotoke, why don’t you devote more time to your studies? It’s not as difficult as it seems.’ Now, reflecting on those challenging times, I realize that although I often found myself at the bottom, today, I stand proud, launching a perfume. Mom, I hope you’re watching, proud of the woman I’ve become,” Makinwa expressed emotionally.

In response, her mother, present in the audience, voiced her gratitude, saying, “I thank God that my efforts were not in vain. May blessings continue to follow you.”

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