Suleja Prison Break: 118 Inmates Escape Amidst Heavy Rainfall Destruction

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A tumultuous night of heavy rainfall wreaked havoc on the Medium Security Custodial Centre in Suleja, Niger State, resulting in the escape of 118 inmates, according to a statement released by Adamu Duza, spokesperson for the Nigerian Correctional Service’s Federal Capital Territory Command.

The relentless downpour, which persisted for several hours on Wednesday night, inflicted extensive damage on the custodial facility’s infrastructure, including its perimeter fence, facilitating the mass escape of inmates.

In response to the crisis, the Nigerian Correctional Service swiftly activated recapture protocols, collaborating with law enforcement agencies to apprehend fleeing inmates. As of now, 10 escapees have been successfully recaptured, with ongoing efforts to locate and detain the remaining fugitives.

Francis John, the Controller of Corrections for the FCT Command, assured the public that the situation is being effectively managed and urged citizens to continue their daily activities without apprehension. He emphasized the Service’s commitment to modernizing its facilities, recognizing the vulnerabilities of aging structures inherited from the colonial era.

John reassured the public of the Service’s vigilance and urged cooperation in promptly reporting any sightings or information regarding the escaped inmates to the authorities, ensuring swift and decisive action to restore order and security.

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