Clarification Amidst Controversy: Kaka’s Ex-Wife Sets Record Straight on Divorce Rumors

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Caroline Celico, the former wife of Brazilian football icon Ricardo Kaka, has stepped forward to refute circulating reports suggesting that she parted ways with the football star due to his supposed perfection. Dismissing the viral statement as false and fake, Celico asserted that their separation was mutual and emphasized their ongoing commitment to co-parenting their two children.

Married in December 2005, Kaka and Celico’s union bore fruit in the form of two children: Luca Celico Leite and Isabella Celico Leite. Despite the longevity of their relationship, they amicably ended their marriage after a decade, choosing to keep the specifics of their split private until recently.

The emergence of a purported quote attributed to Celico, claiming that Kaka’s perfection was the root cause of their separation, sparked widespread speculation and debate among fans. However, Celico took to her Instagram story to dispel the misinformation, reiterating her respect for their shared history and emphasizing her focus on co-parenting with her former husband.

Furthermore, Celico provided an update on her current life, revealing her forthcoming first child with her current husband, Eduardo Scarpa Julião. With a blend of gratitude for her past and excitement for her future, Celico welcomed followers to engage with her social media, which she views as a platform for sharing various aspects of her life, including family, work, and spirituality.

While Celico moves forward with her life, Kaka remained a devoted single father for several years before finding love again with Brazilian model Carolina Dias. Meanwhile, Celico and her husband eagerly anticipate the arrival of their first child together, underscoring the ongoing evolution of their respective journeys beyond their previous marriage.

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