Milestone Achieved: Nigeria’s Electricity Customer Base Hits 12.12 Million in Q4 2023

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According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the total number of electricity customers in Nigeria reached 12.12 million during the fourth quarter of 2023.

The NBS’s Nigeria electricity report, published on Monday, provides insights into energy bills, revenue generated, and customer trends across DisCos (Q4 2023).

During Q4 2023, customer numbers saw a notable increase, rising to 12.12 million from 11.71 million in Q3 2023, marking a 3.46% growth, as stated by the NBS.

Year-on-year, customer numbers demonstrated significant growth, increasing by 9.59% from 11.06 million in Q4 2022.

Metered customers amounted to 5.61 million in Q4 2023, showing a slight decline in growth rate by 1.32% from the previous quarter, but exhibiting a 9.38% year-on-year increase.

In contrast, estimated customers totaled 5.83 million during the quarter, experiencing a decrease of 3.34% from Q3 2023. However, year-on-year, estimated customers decreased by 1.73% compared to Q4 2022.

Revenue collected by DisCos during Q4 2023 amounted to N294.95 billion, marking a significant increase from N260.16 billion in Q3 2023, and a 26.96% rise from Q4 2022.

Electricity supply during the period reached 6,432 (Gwh), up from 5,732 (Gwh) in the previous quarter. Year-on-year, electricity supply increased by 14.64% compared to Q4 2022.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of Nigeria’s electricity sector, indicating both growth and challenges in the nation’s power distribution system.

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