Labour Party Turmoil: National Treasurer Speaks Out Against Corruption Allegations and Party Crisis

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In an exclusive interview, Mrs. Oluchi Opara, the National Treasurer of the Labour Party, addresses her recent six-month suspension from the party, shedding light on corruption allegations against the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, and other pressing issues.

Opara firmly asserts that her suspension was unjustified, attributing it to an attempt by party officials to conceal corruption allegations. She calls upon Abure to address these accusations directly instead of resorting to punitive measures. Furthermore, Opara reveals her decision to file a lawsuit against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the party’s finances thoroughly.

The interview delves into Opara’s allegations against Abure, suggesting financial mismanagement and sidelining of her role as national treasurer. Despite her position, Opara claims she has not handled party finances for over seven months, raising questions about who authorized financial transactions during this period.

Opara highlights instances where funds raised for the party, such as those from nomination forms and fundraising events, allegedly went unaccounted for. She challenges Abure to provide a transparent record of party expenditures and accuses him of mismanaging funds, citing ongoing difficulties in meeting basic party expenses despite significant revenue.

Regarding specific incidents, Opara discusses Abure’s purported failure to remit donations received during a campaign tour in the United States. She claims that despite raising substantial funds, Abure has not disclosed the amount or its utilization to the party.

The interview also touches on internal party dynamics, with Opara dismissing accusations of being a mole and criticizing party officials for spreading misinformation. She emphasizes her commitment to seeking justice through legal avenues and calls for accountability within the party leadership.

In light of recent defections and allegations of parallel primaries in Edo State, Opara expresses concern over the party’s future and calls for Abure’s removal to restore integrity and effectiveness. She underscores the need for transparent leadership to address challenges facing the party and the nation at large.

Amidst economic hardships, Opara urges the Federal Government to prioritize the welfare of Nigerians, emphasizing the urgency of addressing rising fuel prices and food shortages. She appeals to President Buhari to heed the voices of the people and take decisive action to alleviate their suffering.

The interview with Opara offers a candid insight into the internal strife within the Labour Party, highlighting the imperative for accountability, transparency, and ethical leadership in Nigeria’s political landscape.

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