Florida Bans Kids Under 14 from Social Media

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Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, recently approved a new rule that says kids under 14 can’t use social media in the state. For kids who are 14 or 15, they need their parents’ okay before they can join any social media sites.

The rule also says that social media companies have to get rid of accounts for kids under 14. If they don’t, they could get sued, and the child could get up to $10,000 in money for damages. If the company breaks the rule more than once, they could have to pay up to $50,000 each time, plus lawyer fees.

Governor DeSantis said this new rule is meant to help parents figure out how to keep their kids safe online. He made the rule official by signing it at a special ceremony.

Before this rule, there was a stricter version that said kids under 16 couldn’t use social media. It also said people in Florida had to show an ID to use social media. Governor DeSantis said no to that version.

This new rule will start in January 2025. It’s part of a bigger effort to make social media safer for kids across the U.S.

Some parents worry that social media isn’t safe for their kids. They’re pushing for laws like this one to make companies responsible for what happens on their apps and websites.

In December, lots of groups asked a senator to make a law called the Kids Online Safety Act. It would make apps and websites responsible for showing things that could be bad for kids’ mental health.

In January, some lawmakers talked to the bosses of TikTok, X, and Meta about how to keep kids safe online. The bosses said they’re doing things to keep kids safe, like special tools and rules.

Some people in Florida think social media can hurt kids’ mental health and let bad people talk to them. They’re glad about the new rule.

But some big social media companies might not like the new rule. They say it goes against people’s rights, like free speech.

Even though Governor DeSantis and others think the new rule is okay, there might be arguments about it in court later. Some groups say it’s not fair or legal.

Despite this, Governor DeSantis and others believe the new rule is the right move to keep kids safe online. They’re ready to defend it, no matter what.

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