Nollywood Star Sharon Ooja Celebrates Secret Wedding Bliss

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Nigerian entertainment darling, Sharon Ooja, has recently tied the knot in a discreet civil ceremony, joining the ranks of Nigerian celebrities who’ve entered marital bliss this year. The celebrated actress took to her Instagram account on Saturday, March 23, 2024, to share the joyous news with her fans and followers.

In a heartfelt post, Ooja revealed that she had accepted her partner’s proposal a few months prior and that the civil ceremony had already taken place. Expressing her gratitude and elation, she affectionately referred to her husband as her “Odogwu silencer,” a term of endearment signifying his calming presence in her life.

With her signature charm, Ooja lavished praise on her husband, recognizing him as her “Igbo king” and showering him with accolades for his kindness, good heart, and protective nature. She affectionately called him “bro bro,” hinting at their close relationship and shared sense of humor.

In her announcement, Ooja couldn’t contain her excitement about the journey ahead, eagerly anticipating the church blessing and traditional wedding ceremonies yet to come. She attributed her marital bliss to the hand of God, expressing gratitude for the love and companionship she had found in her husband.

As Ooja embarks on this new chapter of her life, her fans and well-wishers eagerly await glimpses of the joyous celebrations to come, celebrating alongside the beloved Nollywood star as she enters this new phase with love and gratitude.

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