Minister Theophilus Sunday Shares Joyous Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Fiancée Ashlee White

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On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Minister Sunday, the acclaimed singer, delighted his followers by sharing captivating snapshots from his pre-wedding photoshoot with his fiancée, Ashlee White, on his Instagram account. The enchanting images captured the couple adorned in resplendent white traditional attire, with Ashley donning a stunning white lace gown complemented by a matching head tie.

Accompanying the post was Minister Sunday’s heartfelt caption, “As it pleases the Lord! @itsashleewhite #sailingtosunday,” indicating their shared anticipation for their upcoming union.

The announcement sparked a wave of jubilation among Minister Sunday’s fans and followers, who flooded his comment section with warm congratulations and expressions of goodwill. Emma Oh My God, in his comment, marveled at the divine favor bestowed upon the righteous, while others expressed their utmost happiness for the couple’s blissful journey ahead.

The celebratory atmosphere extended to Ashlee White’s Instagram page, where she had previously shared news of her engagement on February 25, 2024, captioned “A New Era 🤍💍.” Although she had not revealed her partner’s identity at the time, the unveiling of their pre-wedding photoshoot confirmed Minister Sunday as her beloved.

Ashlee White, a real estate professional and founder of Ashlee White Estates based in Washington DC, USA, boasts a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications and Public Relations. She has dedicated her time to various philanthropic endeavors, volunteering for organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Everylife Foundation, and her newly established non-profit, Project Safe Haven.

The union of Minister Sunday and Ashlee White signifies not only a celebration of love but also a merging of two individuals dedicated to serving their communities and spreading positivity in the world.

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