Simi Takes a Stand: Defending Artistic Integrity in the Face of Musical Critique.

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In a recent development, the singer took to her X (formerly Twitter) account to express frustration towards fans persistently urging her to change her musical style.

After releasing her latest single of 2024, ‘All I Want,’ which maintained the same cheerful tone and lighthearted lyrics characteristic of her previous work, certain fans criticized its repetitiveness and called for a change in her sound. Simi, feeling discontented, clarified on X that she had no intentions of altering her style and suggested that those who didn’t appreciate her music should seek out other artists.

Simi dismissed claims of her songs being repetitive as baseless, highlighting that each of her last 10 singles has showcased a distinct sound. She addressed the notion that she should diversify her music by stating, “Just because I’ve been sticking to a certain style doesn’t mean I’m content with it. If my music isn’t to your liking, kindly explore other artists you prefer. I implore you. And if it’s my collaborations that prompt you to acknowledge my talent, then enjoy those and move on.”

She labeled demands for her to change her sound as uninspired, unsupported, and tiresome. Simi emphasized that she doesn’t force anyone to listen to her music and expressed irritation at receiving feedback like “switch up your sound,” especially when her critics haven’t kept up with her recent releases.

Simi, a prominent female musician in Nigeria, also addressed the disparity in recognition between her solo work and her features on other artists’ tracks. She noted the tendency for fans to praise her contributions on other artists’ songs while critiquing her solo efforts. She emphasized her passion for music and her indifference to competing for recognition.

She referenced Adele, a Grammy-winning British singer known for her ballads, who has maintained her musical style for over a decade without facing pressure to change. Simi urged listeners to respect her artistic choices and suggested that those who don’t enjoy her music should seek alternatives, drawing a comparison to Adele’s consistent style.

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