Beyoncé achieves a historic milestone as the inaugural Black woman to secure the top position on Billboard’s country songs chart.

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Just prior to the highly awaited launch of her album, set to create ripples in the country music realm, Beyoncé reached a historic milestone this week by becoming the first Black woman to top the US charts in that genre.

Her single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” debuted during the Super Bowl earlier this month and promptly ascended to the number one position on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart. This accomplishment marked a significant breakthrough, as no Black woman or biracial female artist had previously led this chart, as confirmed by industry tracker Billboard.

Despite its origins deeply rooted in African musical influences, country music has often been associated with a predominantly white image. This disparity gained attention in recent years, notably with Lil Nas X’s groundbreaking hit “Old Town Road,” which blended banjo melodies with contemporary beats and sparked discussions about race and genre boundaries within the industry.

Beyoncé’s triumph in the country genre serves as a pivotal moment to acknowledge the substantial contributions of Black artists throughout the history of country music, including present-day talents such as Mickey Guyton and Brittney Spencer.

Set for release on March 29th, Beyoncé’s forthcoming studio album, titled “Act II,” follows her previous project “Renaissance,” which celebrated disco and house music while paying homage to Black, queer, and working-class communities pivotal in shaping the electronic dance genre.

With “Act II,” Beyoncé is poised to delve into country music through a similar lens, reclaiming it as a symbol of Black American heritage and legacy.

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