“Riches are not among the attributes I look for in a prospective partner,” remarked Phyna.

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Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, known as Phyna, a controversial figure from the Big Brother Naija reality show and an actress, has stated that wealth is not a primary consideration when assessing potential partners.

She stressed the importance of finding a partner who is loving and caring, mentioning that she is perfectly capable of managing her own financial obligations.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, featuring singer Khaid as a guest, she shared her viewpoint. Phyna asserted, “When it comes to my ideal partner, I don’t prioritize their financial wealth. What matters most to me is being shown love and care. I am able to handle my own financial responsibilities.”

Phyna addressed the misconception held by some men regarding dating a woman who may have more wealth than them, expressing her disagreement with such notions.

Her guest, Khaid, expressed his willingness to date a woman who is financially more stable, recognizing the significance of finances in a relationship. However, he clarified that he would only agree under the condition that it doesn’t lead to discrimination from the woman.

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