“We Have Ceased Milling”: Millers Clarify Reasons Behind Rice Price Increase, Propose Remedies

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Rice millers in the Gombe state area have suggested that the rising price of rice could be attributed to hoarding. They have accused intermediaries of stockpiling paddy in their warehouses to create scarcity and drive up prices. This situation, they argue, has led to unemployment in the region due to the lack of paddy-related activities. The rice millers in Gombe state have pointed to merchant hoarding as the cause of the price hike, which has resulted in a shortage of paddy for processing. Speaking in Gombe, the millers expressed their frustration with the situation, as reported by The Sun. They allege that middlemen, by purchasing and storing paddy in their warehouses, are exacerbating the scarcity, to the detriment of the local population.

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