Mercy Eke explains the reason behind her failure to secure victory in Big Brother Naija for the second time.

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Big Brother Naija reality star, Mercy Eke, has offered insights into why she didn’t emerge as the winner for the second time.

Recalling that Eke clinched the victory in the ‘Pepper Dem’ season in 2019 but came in as the runner-up in the all-star edition in 2023, losing to 22-year-old Ilebaye, she shared her perspective in a recent episode of Celebrity Quickies posted on comedian AY’s YouTube page.

Eke explained that she believes she didn’t win for the second round because some people seemed to be averse to winners. She elaborated, “The first time I entered the Big Brother House, everything was positive and people were supportive. I played the game and emerged as the winner. However, when I returned for the second time, it appeared that people were resistant to the idea of a repeat winner.”

She further expressed, “They seemed to think, ‘She’s already had her time, she can’t win again.’ They were hesitant to support me. It felt like there was a reluctance to allow me to win for the second time because they thought I was already successful and should give others a chance.”

Reflecting on her second stint, Eke acknowledged the eye-opening experience, stating, “Despite the challenges, I appreciate the second opportunity. It provided me with valuable insights into people’s true intentions. I see it as part of God’s plan, as without this experience, I wouldn’t have learned many lessons. I didn’t realize that aspiring to win again could be perceived negatively. Nonetheless, I still consider myself a winner.”

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