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Advertising can be a paid form of communication or display from an identified source that draws speculation then interest from whoever it comes across. It might be in form of an idea, goods or services to be sold to people. Almost all advertising is directed to target large number of people because it is in the numbers that advertising really takes place.

Advertising is mostly delivered through various ways like the internet, media, radio, television and newspapers.

Ads( Advertisement posts) are often measured according to number of impressions( number of times that particular post come across an individual).

Advertisement and Marketing go back to various years back. There are various ancient forms of advertising. People in the past were well versed in it. The roots go back long ago but recently various new methods have come up curtsey to technology that speeds up the rate at which information is disseminated.

New methods allow people bypass old methods and get better, widespread results. Watching Ads on the television might be what you consider the best form. Most families view shows and coming across the Ads leave an impression on them. The number of times they come across it, the product or service being marketed grows in their subconscious. Recently people can listen to show recordings without necessary seeing these adverts. They can bypass the adverts on TV recordings.

Therefore, the amount of responses gotten from TV adverts have reduced drastically over the years.Conventional advertising is on the wane. Across the board, television viewership has fragmented, and ratings have fallen.

Print media (Newspapers) are also in decline. The number of people who read anything on paper nowadays has drastically reduced as well. In the past, putting adverts in newspapers and journals contributed a lot to the dissemination of information which builds up to interest to buy. But as of today, people hardly go through print anymore and because of that their is no traffic.

Clearly companies need to move beyond the traditional way of advertising to reach a wider audience. Digital media outlets have happily stepped in to fill this gap. Despite this changing landscape, for many companies advertising remains at the forefront of how they deliver the proper message to customers and prospective customers.

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