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Marketing and Advertisement are often used interchangeably. People argue that they are the same thing. There are numerous differences between them. Though there are similarities as well, this article focuses mainly on what makes them so different to each other.

No one can deny the fact that the survival of business, mainly depends on its customers. And so the concern should plan its marketing strategies in such a way that it can turn shoppers into buyers. While marketing refers to a process of promoting or selling products and services with the help of tools like marketing research and advertising.


Marketing simply means letting others know about your business or brand. Creating awareness about your product or service for the main purpose of boosting sales. It enhances potential customers to boost sales.

It involves;

Thorough research

Consumer analysis and Market survey

Strategy implementation

Product development

Strategy planning


Service review

Brands create ways to perform thorough research on the consumers and exactly what product or service is needed in the market. Most of them locate a problem and begin to formula the perfect ways to address it.

Consumer analysis and Market survey includes the careful study of customers and their response to such goods or services. Not only do they address these problems with likely solutions, they go ahead to understand how people will best accept and rely on them.

When they have arrived at a perfect mix, they then polish and brandish their strategy. They further enhance their strategy to make it work better. They implement such strategy to achieve results.

After that, they produce the best product that not only suits the needs of people but can also be easily accepted and consumed by them. This part might be the hardest because a lot trial and error come in place.

Strategy planning occurs when such strategy is being tested on the public, how the public reacts to it helps these brands understand where and when to upgrade and to whom to sell their products or services to.

When they are finally done, they then implement all strategy and every result gotten into the business. After this, they present their product for consumption.

A good brand ownership encourages the need for review from clients or the public at large to enable them understand better how individuals think concerning their product. By doing this, they stay ahead of the game, can change formula or packaging depending on the reaction of people and change in time and trends.


Advertising can be described as a marketing language that employs open sponsorship or passage of information through proper dissemination to promote or sell a product, service or any other type of business.

Most times people are willing to promote their businesses through Advertisement. Promoting a service Advertisement is a core form of marketing. Despite how similar they seem, there is still some differences between them.

There are other forms of marketing like public relations etc. All these other forms are very important in marketing itself. Marketing cannot be narrowed down just to one form of it which is promotion of services only through media forms.

Selling a product to the other targets can be said to be the best form of Advertisement but this is not the only one. It is simply calling public attention to the product or service through paid or free announcements.


• Advertising can be classified as marketing but marketing cannot be said to be Advertisement.

• When you talk about marketing, you talk about place, price, promotion, are the core aspect of marketing which involves a lot. In Advertisement, it only focuses most on promotion.

• When marketing is done, it’s end goal is to increase sales but Advertisement can be done just to create awareness about the offering. Though it might lead to sale, that is not the major goal of Advertisement. Advertisement mainly creates a  lot of impressions and brings interested prospects on board.

• Marketing focuses on creating a market for the product, and building reputation whereas advertising focuses on seeking public attention.

Marketing is a long-term process. On the other hand, advertising is a short term process.

Therefore, the two are different as they are similar and are both very important for brand growth.

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